Managing With One Arm: A story


I posted last week that I had broken my wrist, and now that I’m slowly emerging from the fog of pain I want to do a little blog series about coping with the use of only one arm (the non-dominant one), as it applies to my life right now as a mom, crafter, teacher, wife, and blogger.

First, I owe you the story of how I broke myself.  It was definitely not one of my best moments, but we all have to make stupid mistakes sometimes, right?  Well, there’s not much excitement to this story.  I wasn’t sky diving, nor even playing hockey or ultimate.  I was, however, engaged in the ultra dangerous activity of throwing a frisbee with Nathan in our front yard.

The frisbee flew down to the sidewalk below and I figured I could just hop down from our rock wall to fetch it.  I jumped on over, and the 5 1/2 foot drop ended with a very hard landing.  I overbalanced to my right side and put out my hand to steady myself on the pavement.  Snap! I knew instantly it was broken. The rest of the night involved the hospital, morphine, and bone setting. I don’t recommend any of this!

Over the course of the last week I’ve slowly healed to the point where I can finally concentrate on more than just the television, and I can half-heartedly wiggle some of my fingers again. I’ve had to adjust to new ways of living my life and completing daily tasks that I used to take for granted as being simple. Not everything is possible to do by oneself one-handed! I’ve had incredible support from everyone around me – family, friends, and Nathan.  Nathan has had to basically take on the role of single dad, and he’s doing a pretty great job!

Stay tuned as I bring up topics about coping with one hand, such as blogging, running a business, cooking, exercising, maintaining relationships, and taking care of a baby.


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I fell in love with the art of rubber stamping when I was 12 years old. I blame my grandparents. I already had every crafty hobby imaginable when they bought me a few stamps, an ink pad, and some embossing powder. I was hooked. From that point on, no special occasion has gone unmarked by one of my hand-crafted creations. Scrapbooking came next, and though it isn't my first love, it's a close second.
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