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I just received an email request to do a quick blog post on a web-based tool called Photovisi, that allows you to make photo collages on the site, then download them to your computer.  My first instinct was “blah, spam!” … Continue reading

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Project 52: Cooperative Meal Double Date

Hi there, So I missed last week.. We’ll just have to do some extra dates ;)  It’s not that Nathan and I don’t see each other.  He works from home. He’s 20 feet away from me for most of the … Continue reading

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Patterned Thank you set

Hey there!  I’m not dead, I promise!  I’ve just been out of the house a whole heck of a lot (and am finally feeling better)!  I started this set of cards, knowing exactly what I wanted to do, on Thursday.  … Continue reading

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Scrapbooking Overload

Hey there, Well, I’m still scrapbooking the wedding album.  We’ll have been married a year August 1st, and I still haven’t finished this!  Luckily I’ve gotten to honeymoons (we went on a mini one after the wedding, then a real … Continue reading

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Digital Daisy

Help! I’ve been sucked into the land of all things digital.  And it’s actually not so bad over here.. OK, it’s amazing.  I could waste happily spend my entire day (and many others) playing with digital papers and designs.  It’s … Continue reading

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Moxie Fab Frog

Hi again, Well, I managed to convince myself to get up out of my computer chair and make my way to my crafting chair.  Yep, I made a card!  Father’s Day is quickly approaching and I needed a card for … Continue reading

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Project 52: Old Standby

Hey there, Well, I’ve been home sick since last Thursday.  I was feeling better over the weekend, and maybe pushed that a bit too far, since I’m much worse now.  You’d think that being at home all day would give … Continue reading

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Strawberry Basil Mojito

Heyya, It’s finally warm and sunny here.  We’ve been waiting in anticipation for this weather for months now!  Of course, with the sun comes my craving for a mojito.  My favourite so far this year?  the Strawberry Basil Mojito. Deeeelicious!  … Continue reading

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A New System

Hey there! I’ve been slacking on the cards, you say?  What could I possibly be doing that has caused me to let you down in that department?  Ummm.. working? yes.. but also, I’ve been putting in good hours at getting … Continue reading

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Project 52: Birthday cupcakes

Heyya! So once again, this week’s date was definitely a group date.  A large group date!  I can’t help it, it’s been a busy week.  See a pattern here?  Well, this week I got old celebrated my birthday! To be … Continue reading

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Inspired on a Birthday

Heyya! Well, it’s nearly my birthday (in 3 hours), so I’m celebrating a bit early.   I was perusing the Moxie Fab website and came across the latest trigger.  It is trigger Tuesday, after all!  Well, I fell in love.. let’s … Continue reading

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