iPhone Cover Sewing Project


I got all busy with my sewing machine – can you tell?  We almost get along even.  Except that I sort of broke her.  In making this project I broke a needle, which seemed to also throw the machine out of whack.  Now the bobbin casing makes a lovely grinding noise each time it moves.. which is with every single needle movement.  Fun!  Oh, and it does this even when I use my other bobbin casing, so it’s some problem with the housing or something.  Yeah I know, I should take it in for some fixin’ up.

I persevered and finished this project despite the awful grinding noises – my machine’s only sign of protest.

These are great!  You can clip them to the inside of your purse so you always know where your phone is.. or even to a ring on the outside if you need it to be extra super handy.  I got the tutorial over at Erin Erickson’s Blog.  It’s pretty simple to follow.  One change I made was to use some fleece for the padding, since I didn’t have any batting.

I think these would be super handy if you used a little carabiner clip instead of a key ring.  Clip on, clip off..


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2 Responses to iPhone Cover Sewing Project

  1. Jana says:

    Nice! I likey.

  2. Amanda says:

    These are awesome, u r so talented!

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