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October Class Calendar

In case you missed it, I’ve posted my schedule for October classes here.  And hey, why not host a free workshop?  I can come up with a fun Christmas theme for you and your friends (or some other theme if … Continue reading

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Glimmery Christmas Stocking

Guys! Guess what!  I’m not sick anymore!  Well, mostly not.  I’d almost forgotten that “healthy” existed, yet here it is, and it’s amazing!  I don’t feel like passing out on the kitchen floor, and my chest doesn’t feel like there’s … Continue reading

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Simple Christmas Snowflakes

Hello, and happy Monday!  I have a final card from my Simple Embossed Christmas Cards class to share with you today.  This card came directly from Maile Belles.  She’s such a talented lady! I used the Bright Hopes set for … Continue reading

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Snowy Ornaments Card

I’ve been cooking crazy things!  Nathan can’t understand why I’d ever cook unusual things that are way more normal to just buy.  Like yogurt, or chicken stock or those amazing Raincoast Crisps.  Well, husband dear, homemade bread is a heck … Continue reading

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Simple as can be Christmas Tree

Oooops, I rhymed.  How tacky. Or fun.. Do you think it’s fun?  I’m pretty sure that’d earn Nathan a major eye roll from me if he’d been the one to come up with the title. I like me some good … Continue reading

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Christmas in September

Brunch with lady friends, a raucously fun birthday party, baking awfully yummy and bad-for-you treats, a great stamp class, and some quiet time.. That definitely fits the bill of a great weekend!  So of course I’m now fighting off a … Continue reading

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Pack of Gift Card Holders

Wouldn’t it be nice if these little gift card holders actually all contained loaded gift cards?  I think so.  Really well loaded ones.. to all my favourite places.  Sounds good to me! Alas, no gift cards here, but I’m all … Continue reading

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Wish Big Marquise

Hello, hello! I have another marquise/banner card here for you.  If it were meant for a special someone, you could always put the age in the middle of one of the marquises, instead of a flower.  I’ve used Island Indigo … Continue reading

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Wish Big Ice Cream Cone

You thought 3 scoops was plenty.. but why not 4? or even 5?!  I could go for 5 scoops of all different ice creams right now.. or a DQ Blizzard.  I’m pretty sure there’s a law somewhere that says we … Continue reading

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Clean and Simple Thank You, and some news!

It’s back to school time around these parts (and theoretically, back to work for me).  There usually isn’t a lot of on-call work at the beginning of the school year though, so I got to make some cards.  I even … Continue reading

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My Favourite Hummus

Hummus is like gold in our house, especially the stuff that I make.  Nathan’s seriously addicted to it and will pack down a cup of it a day, along with copious amounts of pita, and some baby carrots for good … Continue reading

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Lollipop Thanks

Oh my goodness, it’s Friday! Of the Labour Day Long Weekend!  That means school starts in a few days!  *panic attack* It’s ok though.. Since I work on-call, I probably won’t be working a whole lot in September.  That’s just … Continue reading

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