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Stuff! It’s Happening!

Hi all you pretty people, I’m making some changes to my blog.. how it looks and all that good stuff.  I decided it was time for a bit of a blog renovation, so to speak.  All this crazy colour is … Continue reading

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Fol Epi

Fol Epi.. Doesn’t that sound like a name of a god?  A bakery of the gods?  Why yes, yes it is.  Or at least their baked goods taste heavenly. I should really start out by putting some blame somewhere.  Blame … Continue reading

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Simple Silhouettes

Do you go to your highschool reunions?  I had my 10-year last night, and I can’t say it was what I’d imagined.  It probably didn’t help matters that my head felt explodey.  I was walking around not enjoying talking to … Continue reading

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Strawberry Deliciousness Drink

Today I was minding my own business, quickly using the restroom in the grocery store (sometimes we have those moments.. I’m sure you do too).  Now, the door automatically changes to “occupied” in nice red letters (as opposed to the … Continue reading

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Clean and Simple Trio

They’re all the same.. but no.. they’re different.. what what?!  Ok, so I know this is nothing new to any of you.  I used the same layout for all three cards, but different colours and images.  Fun, right?  I love … Continue reading

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Cook me Italian

I recently attended a squishy but lively cooking class (demo-style) put on by chef Dan Hayes of The London Chef.  The menu lured me in, and I’m so glad I attended! There were fried mozzarella di buffala balls (Mozzarella from … Continue reading

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Mini Album

I’m back from Mexico, with not much to report… Mostly I spent my time reading in the sun.  I’ve probably even got the darkest tan of my life.. which isn’t saying much, considering how pale I generally am (the lightest … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung!

In Victoria the sun’s out, there are birds chirping everywhere, flowers are blossoming; it’s heaven.  And I’m not there.  But don’t feel bad for me; I’m in a different paradise – a tropical one. This card adds some bright, positive … Continue reading

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Cancun Sunshine

Hiya! I’m pretty sure we’re in paradise.  Our room’s beautiful and clean, the resort, while being at 95% capacity, doesn’t seem in the least bit crowded, and I have nothing to worry about other than applying enough sunscreen.  I failed … Continue reading

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May and June Class Schedule

I’m pretty excited about my new class schedule for May and June.  There are lots of fun ones on there (in my opinion)! Check it out! Click on the image to enlarge it. I’m really looking forward to the Clean … Continue reading

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Crème Brulégg

  Well this looks like a horrible mess!  It really was delicious, and I would definitely make it again.  I’ve even saved a couple cream eggs just in case I get a craving.  I’m a bit late for Easter, but … Continue reading

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Clean and Simple Birthday

So much to do; why am I sitting here reading a million blogs?  Because I love them.  I could read all of your blogs all day long.. but then I’d forget to post anything to my own blog, and my … Continue reading

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Bold Blossom Fading Away

I think I’m developing some kind of skittish personality problem.  I wholly blame it on the Canucks, as I was never made to handle watching this much hockey.  My little heart just can’t handle it! I’m pretty sure that’s why … Continue reading

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