Project 52: Pictures of a Seattle Date

When a date lasts for 4 days, it’s ok to count it as multiple dates, right?  I’m counting our trip to Seattle as 2 dates, since it was probably worth more than that.  4 days of quality one-on-one time in a fun city away from home.  Works for me!


Our trip in picture form, after the jump!  (keep in mind that my picture-taking skills are pretty poor, plus we had limited time and bad lighting!

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Our Gourmet Food Tour was amazing.  I highly recommend doing one if you visit Seattle.  Check out Savour Seattle

The first stop was at Andaluca where we were served these duck cakes and…IMG_2430

Sangria – their own mulled spice version.  So very tasty.

We had the best pizza ever at Serious Pie

I feel in love with truffles at the sweetest little shop -  La Buona Tavola .  The owner was delightful and seemed to love what she does. I bought myself some black truffle oil and salt.  YUM.

We gawked at and tried not to touch the gum wall…

Nathan commented on how many places were called “Pike” something.  ‘Tis true. We tried some beer at Pike Brewing CompanyIMG_2441

Their Beer:

A cheese pairing.. not my favourite.. but I don’t do well with some strong cheeses.

We stopped at The Four Seasons restaurant – Art, and had their slider burger and a dry soda drink.  Different.. and the slider was pretty boring in my opinion.

There was also some delicious gelato and a risotto/wine stop.


We had dinner at the Space Needle Restaurant.  I’m glad we went up there, but the meal was nothing to write home about.  My fish was pretty tasty, but Nathan’s steak was a big plate of the blahs.

A lovely view, of course…

On our last day we popped in to see the architectural beauty that is their public library.  It’s pretty impressive!  Here’s a picture looking down from the 10th floor.

And me up at the top…

Go visit Seattle.  It’s a wonderful city with something for everyone.  When you’re done, come visit Victoria!


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  1. sounds like a wonderful date. I’d love to take a gourmet food tour.

  2. jesser says:

    I’m practically salivating at the idea of 4 days away from home with my husband … maybe for our 10th anniversary! Looks like such a great time. That gum wall is something else!!!!

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