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A fun little foodie gift for moms with no time (mug brownie)

Moms.. we don’t seem to have much time to follow through on a recipe, let alone sit down and read one.  In comes this great little 3-minute mug brownie recipe that I posted a while back.  I decided to package … Continue reading

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Decorated Cookie Bucket

I baked you cookies!  Ok, in all honesty, I baked our lovely neighbours some cookies.  They came by one day and gave Lila a super sweet little dress as a gift.  I figured it’d be nice to do something in … Continue reading

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iPhone Cover Sewing Project

Heyya! I got all busy with my sewing machine – can you tell?  We almost get along even.  Except that I sort of broke her.  In making this project I broke a needle, which seemed to also throw the machine … Continue reading

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Butterfly Matchbox

Heyya! It’s a crafty project! And useful, to boot!  You could put little candies in this matchbox and give to a friend – or eat and refill.  Me? The candies didn’t make it that far.  I’m using this to house … Continue reading

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A Gift for a Friend

Hellooooooo! Recently my friends threw Nathan and I a baby shower – co-ed, which was great!  I’m convinced the co-ed-ness makes it so much more fun and so much less stuffy.  One friend in particular did most of the planning … Continue reading

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Peppermint Sugar

Happy Holidays!!! I’ve had a really nice Christmas.  All that food prep I was doing last week really paid off, allowing me to relax and enjoy all the parties and gatherings we went to.  One of my favourites is our … Continue reading

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fruits of a vintage cards class

Crafty things! Oh yes! I’ve been doing lots of crafting, if little sharing.  And planning.  Lots of planning.  Craft planning, food planning, French-Teacher-Planning, and Mexico-trip-planning.  Yep yep.  This little gem of a tied up package is from a recent private … Continue reading

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