Scrapbooking Overload

Hey there,

Well, I’m still scrapbooking the wedding album.  We’ll have been married a year August 1st, and I still haven’t finished this!  Luckily I’ve gotten to honeymoons (we went on a mini one after the wedding, then a real trip in January).  This has sat on the back burner for many months now, so I figured today was a good day to pull it out.


As you can see, I’m doing pretty much the bare minimum, as far as scrapbooking goes.  Hey, I used pretty paper, and rounded my photo edges!  But yeah, no layouts, no layering, no embellishments.  If you’re lucky I might add a few stickers or something ;-)  And hey, I promise to label the pictures and even do a bit of journaling! 

I love having albums, but I’m more of a card maker, so the whole fancy-amazing scrapbook thing doesn’t happen much with me.



About Shauna

I fell in love with the art of rubber stamping when I was 12 years old. I blame my grandparents. I already had every crafty hobby imaginable when they bought me a few stamps, an ink pad, and some embossing powder. I was hooked. From that point on, no special occasion has gone unmarked by one of my hand-crafted creations. Scrapbooking came next, and though it isn't my first love, it's a close second.
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  1. Vicky says:

    Try to add journalling though – one day you’ll really love it that you did.

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