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Managing With One Arm: A story

I posted last week that I had broken my wrist, and now that I’m slowly emerging from the fog of pain I want to do a little blog series about coping with the use of only one arm (the non-dominant … Continue reading

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Well friends, Unfortunately on Monday night i broke my right wrist.  Even typing seems like an insurmountable mountain to climb each time I attempt it.  Needless to say, there won’t be much crafting happening in the next while, but I … Continue reading

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Chalkboard Butterfly Card

Hiya, I’m making veggie stock from scratch.  It’s really easy; it nearly makes itself!  I just kept bits of onion, veggies that weren’t being used up, etc., and froze them until I’d have time to boil them in some water … Continue reading

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Easy Party Glasses with Washi Labels

Hey there! I’m finally remembering to share this quick little “project” I did for L’s 1st birthday.  I had these fun paper straws that I impulsively purchased online a few years ago, so I wanted a way to use them.  … Continue reading

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